Friendly Ways of Reminding Your Straight White Cisgendered Male Friends of Their Privilege

It’s embarrassing - nay, shameful - to admit in 2019 that you still haven’t replaced your entire friend group with the underprivileged.

But before you go to delete their phone numbers, block them on Insta and accuse them of secretly voting for Agent Orange, don’t miss the opportunity to remind them to be ashamed of the unchangeable aspects of their identity.

Why couldn't you at least be a little gay?

1. Volunteer at a homeless shelter

Take selfies with the guests at the local house of heroes, and send them to your “friend.”

If they don’t get the picture, maybe they just didn’t get the picture - literally. Call them and ridicule their broke ass into upgrading to a current-year phone with a real data plan. What is this, 2005? If your phone can’t Facetime, don’t expect to get any face time.

And this shouldn’t even need to be said, but you’re not going to get anywhere if you take your selfies with the type of white men that usually squat their privileged asses down in these shelters. Search around until you find a shelter with trans or non-binary PoC. Even if it takes you all night, it will make your message that much more profound.

2. Bring them along to your Gender Studies class

Which Gender Studies class? All of them!

Nothing really convinces a white, cisgendered male of his privilege like hearing an upper-middle class pre-op trans-African woman lecture about it for an hour and fifteen minutes.

She’s been preparing all semester long for the opportunity to tell him about what his life has really been like. Don’t take this from her.

3. Put them on blast on social media

At the end of the day, there’s really no more effective way of letting someone know you don’t appreciate their privilege like having all of your Twitter followers tell them you don’t appreciate their privilege.

Tag them in a post, and state that you saw them at a Tiki Torch rally. These white, privileged males all look the same anyway, so who’s to say you didn’t? Do a little digging for your friend’s boss’s account, and tag zher in the post, too. That will make it really sting.