If you make a mistake once, you're a terrible person forever

Liam Neeson recently recounted a story about a dark period in his life many years ago where he, after learning that a close friend had been raped by a black man, took to the streets with a weapon in hopes a man of that same race would provoke him into unleashing his rage.

No violent altercation ended up taking place, and Liam regrets the incident deeply. He volunteered the story as evidence of the evil all men can do if we’re not careful to keep our emotions in check, and how we can all grow from the recognition of our past mistakes.

But this is 2019, and luckily we have the social media mob to reassure us that nobody can ever change, and that Liam is still, in fact, a neofascist white supremacist because of some racist thoughts he had 30-odd years ago. Thanks, social media mob!

Liam Neeson

Mobs of activists on Twitter are calling for Hollywood to blacklist Neeson from appearing in any more movies.

What Liam Neeson doesn’t realize is that good people never make mistakes. That’s right: if you’ve ever made a mistake, you are simply not a virtuous person, no matter what you’ve done for the good of mankind since then.

Oh? You starred in a one of the most powerful anti-racist, anti-fascist films of all time?

Big deal, that means nothing if you’ve never tweeted about how virtuous a person you are. The real fight for social progress comes in the form of #Resist tweets. Get with the times, old man.

So you made a movie that educated millions of people about the horrors of real racism? So what, I've posted 3,824 tweets to date about racist microaggressions.