One Simple Trick to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Think you’re so progressive in your future Prius, huh? While it’s better than a Hummer, you’re still wasting our delicate planet’s finite resources. And for what? To truck your fat ass to Zumba a little faster? Please.

It’s time to think bigger.

It’s time to replace your car with a horse.

Meet the 2019 Ford Bronco.

Fuck dogs. Horses are a woman/genderqueer/non-binary’s best friend.

Saddle up, bucko, because we’re about to get buck wild with facts.

Did you know that compared to your standard shaggin’ wagon, horses are:

And horse farts contribute 29% less methane to the Earth’s atmosphere than cow farts. So be sure to give your local farmer a condescending smirk as you pass zher on zhis tractor.