Proposal: A constitutional amendment to allow Ruth Bader Ginsburg to serve after death

Technology has come a long way to make this finally possible.

It’s time we allow Supreme Court Justices to continue serving after death.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

It’s no secret that Justice Ginsburg is knocking on death’s door.

But what happens when she passes?

Brett Kavanaugh was a predator, and we didn’t need any tangible evidence to prove that. A woman accused him of rape, and who are you going to believe: a woman or a man? If you chose “man,” you’re clearly a sexist. It’s 2019. Wake up, sheeple.

Even though there was evidence that cleared Kavanaugh of any wrongdoing, that still doesn’t change the fact that he was accused by a woman, so he must be guilty.

Plus, Trump chose him, so that means he’s also a fascist. Checkmate, conservatives.

If he wasn't a facist serial rapist, why would Trump choose him?

But the past is the past, and it’s time to make sure Trump never gets another opportunity to handpick a Supreme Court Justice. Who’s he going to pick next? David Duke?

Likely the next Supreme Court Justice if we don't hook Ruth's body up to some voting machines when she passes.

The only progressive, non-fascist solution is to pass a new constitutional amendment that enables Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retain her seat on the court once she passes. We can hook her brain up to electrodes that allow us to determine how she would vote on any given issue. A trusted, designated member from the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign team will be assigned to operate the machine and interpret Ruth’s decisions.

We can put every left-leaning Supreme Court Justice into a voting pod when they pass, allowing them to serve in perpetuity.

The future is now. Write to your senator.