The tech industry is encouraging systematic oppression via terms like "whitelist" and "blacklist"

The tech industry has a hate-filled legacy of embracing terms that embolden the alt-right. Terms like “blacklist” and “whitelist,” which make PoC feel excluded.

And don’t get me started on drive designations like “master” and “slave.” Why were these terms ever used in the first place? Because everyone the tech world is filled with Nazis, that’s why.

If we are going to move forward as a people, it’s time to replace these hateful terms.


Fortunately, we’re no longer alone in this fight. The sheeple are finally starting to wake up and denounce these vicious, hateful terms.

Easy inclusivity hacks

If you work in the tech industry, there are some easy ways you can make your systems safe and welcoming for all people.

1. Hack your computer’s BIOS and replace all references of “master” with “primary” and “slave” with “secondary”

This should only take several weeks of research and tinkering to accomplish. It will be worth it to avoid unnecessary triggers on the rare occasions where you need to access BIOS and reassign your drives.

2. Replace all of your CSS colors with hexcodes

Bigots type this:

color: black;

You, on the other hand, type this:

color: #000000;

3. Rename your “master” branches on Git to “main”

It’s 2019, and if you haven’t already done this, you’re likely beyond hope. But it’s better late than never.

Nothing says "you're not welcome here" like a casual reminder of America's historical love of slavery.