Will Smith needs to be called out for wearing blueface

A shocking picture hit the internet this month.

A picture of a man - someone we thought was on our side - wearing dehumanizing facepaint to caricaturize and humiliate marginalized PoC.

I’m talking, of course, about Will Smith wearing blueface.

Not okay.

I thought we were past this. I thought Pandoran-Americans could live their lives without being outright humiliated on a daily basis. I was wrong.

Let’s go back to the 90s, when Disney’s Aladdin hit the box office:

Some people refuse to evolve, stuck in the early 90s when the majority still deemed this type of caricature acceptable.

Most Americans in the 1990s found nothing wrong with the portrayal of a giddy, flamboyant blue non-binary zher.

But times have changed. We know that it was wrong. We, as a society, have acknowledged we were wrong.

So why is Will Smith still stuck in the past?